Thursday, October 30, 2003

I'm blue ba da dee da dum ....

.... NO, i am not actually talking about Eiffel 65, rather the illustrious craze known as the BLUE MAN GROUP~!!! I was lucky enough to catch the touring show called, "The Complex Rock Tour" . The entire show rocked! BIG TIME - It was one of the best concerts that i've ever attended. And that's saying quite a bit (((see below))).
And it was much more than 3 goofy blue-headed men doing weird stuff with PVC tubes. Yes, there was that, but the entire concert experience was simply amazing. Tracy Bonham opened up. She did her lil' electric violin and sang her hit 90's angst-filled song, " Mother, mother " .
For me, the surprise artist was Venus HUM ! While in France, i listened to alot of techno and electronica music. Going out to the clubs, that was mostly all that was played. I even used to listen to it on the radio. Sure, the lyrics aren't always meaningful, or even audible, but that's what is amazing to me. The music is at the forefront. It's more of an ambiance, a sound that envelopes you, fills up your body cavity. So our comes this gangly, alternative chick, with her silly free-love styly hair ((check the website~!)) She was flagged on each side by these Euro-dudes; one skinny, one big and burly, both wielding apple i-BOOKs. Judging only on looks, not an A+. But thankfully i learned not to judge a book entirely by it's cover. The sound coming from those i-Books and her voice ........ I cannot impress upon you, the reader, what it felt like. And the show was only half started my friends!
After Venus Hum left the stage-a-rockin' , as the rhoadies were clearing off, the had two scrolling screens. There was one on stage left, one opposite that. It was those simple kind, just one line, with the red dots like a sports ticker. But they argued with each other. The one on the right began by giving the ordinary news, like please enjoy refreshments in the lobby, and no filming of the performance, etc. The one on the left then barraged the other ticker with verbal abuse after verbal abuse! This went on for the entire intermission, a blast! Then the show began.
.... WOW!!! An amazing melange of sounds, shadows, lights, movement and sounds! Not sure how i can describe it fully here in my blog. It was just an exciting blend of sight and sound, an artistic genius. Perhaps the best word to describe what took place was uttered by a great entertainer Will Farrell as he portrayed james Lipton, when he invented the word, "Scrumptrulescent"! Yes, that would be what I layed witness to at Shea's Perfoming Arts Center last nite.

Thank you for reading. If you get a chance, see the show!

(((oh, previously, the best show i'd attended, "Tenacious D" )))

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