Monday, October 20, 2003


If you don't have this album, you might want to think of it. I know alot of all y'all ain't into rap. But at least download a song on kazaa (((you will only get arrested if you UPLOAD, so try it))) To me, it is not on the same level as much of hip-hop, or any contemporary music, ie. top 40. Sure some of the music is brash and afro-centrik ....but most of it is what i consider art: a means of universal communication.

there i said it.

outkast to me is art. It speaks universally to a broad audience about concrete topics. oh, well, some non-concrete topics too ....but you hafta see for yourself, or hear for yourself i should say. It's rap on another level. NOT just my bling-bling or i got your HO's rap. they actually construct their beats themselves, using intricate rythm and meter schemes. and you can't front on their style~~they always got the off-tha-wall digs, always original!!!

so if you get the chance's called speakerboxx .......may be the record of the year in my books.

leave a comment below if you agree. and if you don't, well, ya bettar askssomeBODy. leave a message anyway, or send me an email !!!

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