Thursday, October 02, 2003

well, fall has come in full force. not sure if you'd say like a lion, tiger, a black-striped adder, or a hippopotomus, but it has come with avengence! and what are we to do.

My body is not acclimated to this change in weather. neither are the plants, judging by the way things look outside my window. don't get me wrong. i like the cold, and am eagerly anticipating the snowfall here in buffalo. but my body needs some fall weather to get prepared. i haven't yet begun to store up any fat for the winter months.
i do have plans: *Ted's hot dogs (((high in fat and sodium--perfect for maintaining weight--we just got buy1 get 1 free coupons))) *becoming a couch potato (((increasing my tv time by watching playoff baseball and eating chips)))) *vitamins galore ((((whatever i can get my hands on)))) *moderate exercise ((((by moderate i mean MAYBE once a week--sorry zink))))
any other suggestions on how to prepare for this fast approaching winter are welcomed. please insert them into the comments, or email me.

IN OTHER NEWS: ...... ...... .......EBAY!!! i have several items up for auction. trying to suppliment my income. please be generous and check out MY AUCTIONS thank you, and happy bidding!!!


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