Saturday, February 14, 2004

death is not easy.

i suppose, if you're the one that is dead, it shant be difficult, but for those of us still around, it is not easy.

on top of beginning a new job this week, and classes, too, there was a death in the family. and it's not like i was extremely close to this person. but i was close to people who knew him well. and that made it hard. to see other people distraught, and mourning the parting of a man. and he was a good man. fire chief. father. grandfather, uncle, cousin and all around good guy. it was not easy to see him lying there, without a smile, which is how i remember him most.

also, i heard of the death of the husband of a girl i went to high school with. i may have met him casually, once, but i didn't know him. the classmate actually lived up the street from me. she wasn't in my close group of friends, but she was definitely nicer than alot of kids in my school. i feel bad for her. and her kids. wish i could give a helping hand. shit, yeah, things won't be easy for her.

...and, as they always come in 3's ...

my great aunt passed away. 99 years olde. she couldn't wait another year. wow, she was born in 1905 !!! i bet life wasn't always easy for her. she watched this nation grow. got to see the beginning of the new millenium. i hope i live until 2075. that's my goal: 99 years olde. well, aunt margret, i'm gonna do some situps for you, get nice and strong, so that i can raise a family as well as you did. and what a great family she brought up. i'll always remember going over to her house and always feeling welcome. whether it was for holiday deserts, or just weekend afternoons. i remember we used to talk about politics and other grown-up topics, and she never talked down to me. she really wanted to hear my opinoin. when i goto the funeral, it's not gonna be easy to see my mother cry. ((i'm getting verclemt - like mike meyers - just thinking about it.))

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