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......and, i know i'm prolly not supposed to do this, just copy/paste another author;'s work, but i found a cool interview with dave matthews about his tour with trey Anastasio;'s a snippet: VH1: What kind of advice was Trey giving you?

DM: He is constantly stressing, "New tunes, new tunes." By the end of the tour, I was like, "New tunes, new tunes. Let's not even rehearse it. We'll just do new tunes, new covers." It was a neat challenge. I don't think I'll take the nightly "new tunes" thing back to the band. Well, maybe ... Also, Trey doesn't beat around the bush. He's an extremely forward person. If he has an idea about something, he comes straight out and says it. It's very difficult for a lot of people to work like that. In our society, you don't go up to someone you have never met before and say "I don't like your hat." .......and
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