Friday, August 27, 2004

.....chaos insues.....

i'm putting up the title of my next blog entry today. i've always thought that i possessed clairvoyant powers unpublished and untapped as of yet. of course, this prediction is a no-brainer -->for after this point on.....chaos WILL be in a state of insuing.

i'll be heading out later tonite with noonin and higgns ((names have been changed to protect the innocent)) today started off calmly. there was a cool breeze blowing in. i got up and did some dishes as i scarff't down some breffas and watched the olympics recap. and i'm now getting my things ready for this weekend. a trip out to rochachachaa to see my olde kronies from college days. to paraphrase what a wise man once said to armir ((again, name has been changed)) "two years ago, it rained, last year it was sunny...this year ......WHO KNOW'S WHAT WILL HAPPEN!!!" well, i'm pretty sure i know what will not happen: sobriety! nope, none of that for me....maybe for the afore mentioned noonin ((definitely not his real name)) but as for this soon not-to-be bachelor, i'm pulling out all the stops. so, to the city i loved so dearly: LOOK OUT ROCHACHACHAAAA!

....check back later, for the chaotic details!!!

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