Saturday, May 21, 2005

I had a scare w/Mary Ann this morning. I was on my way to work, when I noticed her leg was broken. You can't just drive away to work and not notice how injured she was! I called my wife's office to send someone over to heal it, and they put a temporary cast on the left leg. That part was covered by insurance, with no deductible. So I made it to work ((... only 30min late...)) and had an ok day at the job. But I kept worrying about my lil' baby Mary Ann. What was I going to do? She can't run that fast with the way they fixed her up, so I
m probably going to pay up the wazzooo for another operation. The first place I went to said that they could do nothing, they might be able to fit me in during the week, but possibly not. I called several emergency rooms to see about health care costs for my lil' sweetheart and if they could help her immediately, as I didn't want to wait until Monday. Luckily, a friend recommend this place that does excellent work, and won't charge exorbitant office fees or anything like that. I had to wait like 30-45 min. and then they took her in and she's good as new. ((...and the best part, The whole procedure only cost $13 bucks!!!))
Now, I just have to save up for a blood transfusion

..... stay tuned for details!

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