Sunday, August 14, 2005

... just got back from an excellent trip to toronto. kate and i visited our neighbors to the north last tuesday and had a lovely time. nothing super exciting, but a great reprise from the monotony of everyday life here in b-lo. saw some art (saw the distillery district where several big-budget films were shot and an homage to shoes), did a bit of shopping (@ the Eaton Centre) and saw a great concert. i don't go to many concerts, and i think it helps me to enjoy when i do. we saw Rufus Wainwright (son of Loudon) and Ben Folds (formerly of ben folds five) at the koolhaus. Both performers rocked w/a relentless spirit that made for a great show!

... so that's a brief update on my energies for the last couple of days. i'll be exhibiting some art in Pittsburgh in the fall, more on that later, along w/pics from my journey.

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