Sunday, September 25, 2005

my weekend was good. had great weather for the drive. got down to pitt just in time for dinner and then a bit of shopping. stopped into the apple store around the corner from my brother in law's apt. found a digi camera for 50% off bought it and going to give my mother-in-law the old one. then when to get into the car (( they rented a taurus )) found a flat front tire. drove it nearly flat to a sunocco and then called budget rent-a-car and they sd we have to buy an exact match of that tire. told her- screw you. called back sun morn and they sd c'mon over and we'll get a new one for ya.
the exhibition was awesome!!! it was in a national guard armory. they sectioned off half of it, set up some bleachers and had a dancefloor set up for the perfomrers. the other half was half a dozen humV's and assorted other military vehicles. the dance performers were amazing, complete w/aerial lighting effects and house band b'twixt acts. they had the "visual" arts alsong the side, near the entrance, of course, mine situated on the first panel. it was not a professional show, but that's what made it amazing. it was real, young, hungry artists looking to share their talents. look out y'innns, because there's alot more where that came from!
now i shall drink some wine.

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