Wednesday, November 30, 2005

cheeze and crackers

if you've ever been to another country, like canada or pennsylvania dutch country, or even other states, it seems everywhere has some form of cheeze and crackers.

i've never really done any exhaustive research on the topic, but i think it's a timeless combination: some form of bread and something gooey on top. on the ship we got upgraded to "consierge class" and became accustomed to several ammenities, one of which was nightly "canape's". (there's and accent on the last e for all those non french speakers out there, making it pronounced can - a- PAY -- so it's more like forrest gump saying canofpeas than ca-NAY-ps) it's just lil' pieces of toast w/various gooey stuffs on top. once i had caviar, not a fan. then various cheezes or cheeze spreads. my favorite was prochutto and melon! i think it had a small dab of cheeze, but the flavor combination of salty hamm and the tropical melon - mmmmm!!!

also, and this will become a re-occurring theme, we went on a caribbean catamaran (which here means funny looking mid-size sailboat) it was a grand time! there was about 40-50 people from the cruise that jaunted accross the sea to a nice little cove to go snorkel. the water was nice and cool and the sun, beatifully warm. unlike last time i tried to snorkel, i was smart and applied sunscreen several times that morning to avoid the dreaded red lobster back. so the fish were all around, but suprisingly solitary. i did encounter one school of brightly striped fish pass just below me. there also was a couple of amazingly blue fish. we saw some sea urchins and even an eel*(more on eel later).
so, we get back on the boat and one of the crew members, all caribbean born, told us we're going to the other side of the island ( of NEVIS ) to a nice soft sand beach to swim and eat. well, we got there, ate some caribbean chicken and they brought the open bar on shore!!! wohoooo! so we're swimmin in the caribbean sea, drink in one hand havin a blast. amazing time. some beatiful shells and my bro-in-law even found a sand dollar, but it pee'd on hime so he let it go. then it was back on the catamaran to head back to the big ship. did i mention, they had an open bar.

and back to the theme of the post here ... on our way back they cranked up the bob marley (and by cranked i mean they had 4 15" speakers underneath the seats and another four 9" in the center of the ship to produce an amazing sound system) and, oh yeah, open bar. but they were responsible. they did not start serving alcohol until after we were done snorkelling. and they even served us little cheeze and crackers as appetizers. i'm not sure what the mixture was, but they had this big bowl of cheezy gooey stuff and a your basic generic thin cracker.

so it's universal, cheeze and crackers!

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