Saturday, November 05, 2005

i burnt toast today. not just left-it-in-the-toaster and it turned dark brown. no. much worse. i was making garlic toast, so i got the jar of crushed garlic and put a healthy portion on a piece of bread. got the buttery spread out and covered the bread with a nice even coat. turned the toaster oven on broil, placed the bread on alumunium foil and slid the bread in the oven.
then, i went to the comp to continue working on my project.
then, i remembered i left the bread in the toaster oven.
then, i looked and saw miniature flames.
then, i grabbed an oven mitt, put the mini-enflamed bread in the sink and sprayed it with the handy gadget on my kitchen sink.

so i feel like a big idiot and my stomach is empty. but i learned another usage for that little black hose on your kitchen sink!

the end

posted by kennyB 23:12

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