Tuesday, February 14, 2006

... a couple of driving stories here...

the first, i got an f*&%'n ticket .... the car was not 20' from the crosswalk ... there was no sign that said we can't park there. oh, on the other side of the road yes, but not on the side where i was. the same place i park EVERY SINGLE WEEK, ALL THE TIME!!! but it's only $30 bucks, so that not too bad.

in other news. i need new tires. man, it seems like there' s always something to fix on a car. can't they make a tire that runs for evva. make it out of concrete or something, i dunno. maybe you wouldn't get good traction, but hey it wouldn't hafta be black all the time!~ luckily we have fox tire , where you can still get 2 tires mounted and balanced for under 80 bucks! sure they're used, but i found a pair for mary ann that look'd bran'spankin' new. we're talking showroom quality. we're talking i couldda paid $125 a piece for these puppies ... not me, i got'em put on, a pair, total bill: $70 beans.

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