Wednesday, March 29, 2006

...not a lot of posts lately ... that's cuz no one f$#^% reads this. and if they do, they never put comments in the box below where it says ***// comment (0) \\**** ... it should say
***// comment (3) \\*** other news, went to the reduced shakespeare company's performance of "ALL THE GREAT BOOKS". the show was fantabulous. it joked about school and litterature and life. it was told from the perspective of the audience being a remedial class needing this course in litterature to walk in the graduation ceremony in one hour and 45 min. the class was instructed by the professor, coach and a student teacher. instead of intermission, they had a mid-term exam. the ques. was what are the two greatest books ever written and why. I put the classic schtick answer of "I cannot remember the title, but the author was Mr. Cliff Notes". when the troupe got back from break, they began to grade them, when i heard my name. "Is kennyB there?" the urge came upon me to scream like i was chosen on the price is right. they read my answer, the crowd roared, and after the show i found out my grade was an A+++! that's right an A-tripple plus! Kate passed, too; she rode my coat tails with a single A+. if you get the chance, go see the show, end-to-end fun!


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